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Candidates as of Dec. 27

The DC Board of Elections December 27, 2013 list (PDF) of candidates for the April 1, 2014 primary contains the names and contact info for all candidates.   Democrat party candidates for the offices of mayor and council are listed here:
  • Carlos Allen
  • Muriel Bowser
  • Christian Carter
  • Jack Evans
  • Michael Green
  • Reta Jo Lewis
  • Vincent C. Gray
  • Vincent Orange
  • Luis I. Poblete
  • Frank Sewell
  • Andy Shallal
  • Octavia Wells
  • Tommy Wells

Chairman of the DC Council
  • Phil Mendelson
  • Calvin Gurley

At-large member of the DC Council
  • Anita Bonds
  • Nate Bennett Fleming
  • Kathy Henderson
  • Chantel Mapp
  • Pedro Rubio
  • John F. Settles, II
  • Kevin Valentine Jr.

Ward 1 member of the DC Council
  • Jim Graham
  • Brianne Nadeau
  • Bryan Weaver
  • Beverly R. Wheeler

Ward 3 member of the DC Council
  • Mary Cheh

Ward 5 member of the DC Council
  • Kathy Henderson
  • Paul Hines
  • Jacqueline Manning
  • Kenyan McDuffie
  • Carolyn C. Steptoe

Ward 6 member of the DC Council
  • Charles Allen
  • Joseph G. Slovinec
  • Darrel Thompson
  • Shelonda P. Tillman

Republican party candidates for the offices of mayor and council are listed here:

  • James M. Caviness

At-large member of the DC Council
  • Marc Morgan

Candidate list, updated Dec. 27, 2013

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Mayoral candidates Michael Green, Octavia Wells, Luis Poblete

The only media mention of mayoral candidates Michael Green, Octavia Wells, Luis Poblete other than what has been previously blogged is this for Octavia Wells:   Another Wells for the Ballot? (November 13, 2013) (WCP).

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HuffPost: D.C. 2014 Elections: Next Mayor Could Be White

HuffPost's D.C. 2014 Elections: Next Mayor Could Be White, like the National Journal piece, considers whether the next mayor of the District of Columbia could be white.   The 2012 article considers the candidates―including Jack Evans, Tommy Wells, Muriel Bowser, and Vincent Orange―against changing demographics.

Candidates list updated, Dec. 20

Updated candidate list; 13th candidate enters race for mayor

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Mayoral candidate Tommy Wells at Ward 7 ed council Dec. 19

The Ward 7 Education Council's regular monthly meeting December 19 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm features mayoral candidate Tommy Wells.   Wells will share his thoughts about education and other issues.   The event takes place at the Dorothy I Height/Benning Library (3935 Benning Rd NE).

Register online or via email.

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Follow the Ward 7 Ed Council on Twitter, @Ward7EdCouncil.

Vince Gray campaign kickoff announcement

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A new way to look at #DCision14

Interested in a new way of looking at social media hits for #DCision14?   Check out #DCision14 on Tagboard.

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Reta Jo Lewis, mayoral candidate, on NewsTalk Nov. 5

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National Journal: Can D.C. Really Handle a White Mayor?

Can D.C. Really Handle a White Mayor? by Matthew Cooper and Elahe Izadi is part of the National Journal's The Next America, an exploration of "the political, economic and social impacts of profound racial and cultural change facing our nation. The initiative includes polls, national and local events with thought leaders, magazine supplements" and a website.

Cooper and Izadi consider whether mayoral candidate Jack Evans can win in DC.   The authors weave Evans through the changing demographics of the city and region, the violence of the 1960s, the population ebbs and flows, perceived or not gentrification, race, economics, and politics.

This is definitely worth a read.

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The Politics of Ben's Chili Bowl

The Politics of Ben's Chili Bowl starts out with mayoral hopeful Andy Shallal's campaign kickoff at Ben's.   It continues with several pictures of local and national politicos.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Mayoral candidates Frank Sewell, James Caviness, and Bruce Majors in the news

Frank Sewell

James Caviness

Bruce Majors

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News about Carlos Allen and Christian Carter, candidates for mayor

Carlos Allen

Christian Carter

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The battle of the petition signatures

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A moment in the Gray campaign

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Taking a break for the end-of-year holidays

The blog will go on hiatus December 21 and resume January 1, 2014. There are some exceptions. I will blog breaking news and live appearances on outlets such as NewsTalk.

District Elections in 2014 (Part IV)

The latest from Dorothy Brizill is in the December 8 edition of themail, Next, the Ward Races:
Vince Gray 2014. Under the District’s election laws, a candidate must file a statement of candidacy and register his or her campaign committee with the DC Office of Campaign Finance with five business days of picking up the nominating petitions at the DC Board of Elections. Since Gray picked up his petitions on December 2, he had until December 9 to register his fundraising committee with OCF.

In keeping with District law, Gray filed his statement of candidacy on the morning of December 9, but completed only some of the paperwork needed to register his campaign committee (the Vince Gray 2014 Committee) with the OCF. To date, Gray has failed to file the “statement of organization,” and has not indicated who will serve as the committee’s chairperson and treasurer. In light of the ongoing controversy surrounding Gray’s 2010 campaign and the roles the chairman, Lorraine Green, and treasurers, Betty Brown and Thomas Gore, played in violating the District’s election and campaign finance laws, this omission from Gray’s OCF filing raises BOE concern. According to Wesley Williams, the public affairs manager at OCF, Gray has an additional ten days to complete the paperwork. In the meantime, it is not clear to what extent the Gray 2014 Campaign will be raising and expending funds while the legal framework for his reelection committee, that is, the campaign officers, is not in place. Moreover, since the plans for Gray’s reelection bid have been underway for months, does the fact that a campaign chair and treasurer have not been named at this late date, suggest that the campaign is having difficulty in recruiting individuals willing to hold these positions?

BOE Voting Precincts. The DC Board of Elections has extended the deadline again, to December 31, 2013, for public comments on its proposed plan to redraw all precinct boundaries (see http://bit.ly/17CWIMq). For further information, contact Tamara Robinson, BOE’s public information officer, at 727-2511.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser talks ed Dec. 17

The Ward 5 Council on Education's December 17, 6:30 - 8:30 pm meeting will feature mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser.   Bowser will discuss her education agenda.

The meeting takes place at the Lamond-Riggs Library (5401 South Dakota Ave NE).

More information is available by calling (202) 505-4309 or emailing ward5coe@gmail.com.

News of the candidates, Dec. 14

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Paul Zukerberg media hits (Attorney General)

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District Elections in 2014, from Dorothy Brizill (Part III)

By Dorothy Brizill in the Preserve and Protect edition of themail:
Paul Zukerberg and the Office of Campaign Finance. On Tuesday, December 3, the DC council , and reflect the legislative compromise hold a final reading and vote on Bill 20-76, the "Campaign Finance Reform and Transparency Amendment Act of 2013." The bill is the culmination of nearly two years of debate and discussion within the council and the community over the need for campaign finance reform in the District, in light of the ongoing US Attorney’s probe of Mayor Gray’s 2010 mayoral campaign. The core provisions in the bill are drawn from twelve different bills that could be struck among the thirteen members of the council as we enter the 2014 election year.

In large measure, any actual effort to reform campaign finance in the District will fall on the shoulders of the DC Board of Elections (BOE) and the DC Office of Campaign Finance (OCF). Even the report by the council’s Government Operations Committee on Bill 20-76 notes that "statutory campaign finance reform will only be successful when paired with robust oversight, vigorous enforcement, and accountability at the ballot box." It is for that reason that the recent actions by the BOE and OCF regarding Paul Zukerberg, a candidate for Attorney General in the April 2014 primary, is alarming and should be scrutinized.

On Friday, November 8, Zukerberg filed a declaration of candidacy for the office of Attorney General with the BOE and was issued nominating petitions which he could circulate to secure the requisite two thousand signatures by January 2, 2014, to be placed on the ballot. That same day, in compliance with District law (3 DCMR 3002.2), he visited the OCF to file a statement of candidacy and register his campaign committee so that he could raise and expend money in support of his candidacy. In his interactions with officials at both the BOE and OCF, Zukerberg fully discussed his pending court litigation to overturn the council’s legislation to delay the AG election until 2018 and to remove the position from the April 2014 primary ballot. At both offices, he was allowed to file his paperwork; both offices accepted the paperwork and date-stamped it. On November 21, OCF’s public affairs manager, Wesley Williams, sent an E-mail to Zukerberg stating that, "The Office of Campaign Finance is in receipt of your registration documents to become a candidate for the Office of Attorney General. However, because the decision as to whether the election for that office will occur in April 2014 is in abeyance, we will hold your documents until a final decision is rendered. Until that time, please refrain from collecting or spending any funds in relation to campaigning for that office." The effect of OCF’s sudden, unexplained decision would be to shut down Zukerberg’s campaign, including the circulation of nomination petitions.

OCF’s action was unprecedented and had no basis in the city’s law code or municipal regulations. It raised serious questions regarding the operations of the OCF and the BOE. As a result, I sent an E-mail to OCF’s General Counsel, William SanFord, and Public Affairs Manager, Wesley Williams, asking the following questions: "Can you cite for me the section of the code and/or regulations on which OCF relied in taking this action? Why was communication with Mr. Zukerberg on the matter done via an E-mail signed by [Wesley Williams] and not by a letter or formal order signed by OCF’s director or general counsel? What does OCF understand to be the decision issued by Judge Boasberg on this matter last week? Did OCF consult with the Board of Elections, which has issued petitions to Mr. Zukerberg for the April primary? To what extent did OCF consult with the Attorney General, Irv Nathan?"

On November 25, in an E-mail to Zukerberg, OCF "clarified its November 21 correspondence. In so doing, it completely reversed its earlier position, and detailed the manner in which Zukerberg will have to report all campaign contributions and expenditures to the OCF.


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Candidates in the news, Dec. 12

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Tommy Wells, Day 1: Survive on $8.25

Andy Shallal on The Rock Newman Show

Mayoral candidate Andy Shallal on NewsTalk Dec. 12

Andy Shallal, owner of numerous restaurants in the DC area and mayoral hopeful (website: andy4dc.com, not working at the writing of this post), will guest on NewsTalk December 12 during the 10:00 am hour.   Expect Shallal to be asked about his campaign.  Tune in to the show streaming here: http://news8.net/.

If you have questions or comments, call (703) 387-1020 or email the show.

More from Dorothy Brizill on DC elections 2014 (Part II)

In the November 20, 2013 edition of themail, Dorothy Brizill penned "District Elections in 2014" [part 2]:
Voting precincts and polling sites. The DC Board of Elections (DCBOE) has scheduled two additional public hearings and extended the deadline for public comment on the proposed plans to redraw voting precinct boundaries and relocate many polling sites in 2014. The public hearings will be held on Thursday, November 21, at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., One Judiciary Square, 441 4th Street, NW, Room 280 South. Written comments must be submitted by November 30 by E-mail to director@dcboee.org or by postal mail to DC Board of Elections, 441 4th Street, NW, Suite 250, Washington DC 20001.

At the monthly Board meeting on October 2, the DC BOE tentatively approved a plan that had been developed by the BOE staff (with no civic or community input) that would drastically change voting precinct boundaries and polling locations in the District. The plan is on the Board web site at http://bit.ly/17CwIMq. It was initially sent only to ANC commissioners, with a short public comment deadline of October 30, so that the new precinct boundaries and polling sites could be implemented by the BOE for the April 1, 2014, primary election. Most neighborhoods have reacted with surprise upon hearing of the plan, and many residents found the plan and accompanies maps indecipherable. Concerns were raised about the relocations of many polling sites, which in some instances were more than a mile away from their current locations. Assuming the Board reworks its plan following the public comment period, the earliest the Board could vote on it would be at its scheduled December 4 meeting. The BOE would then have to forward the plan to the city council, which retains the sole legislative authority to redraw precinct boundaries. (The Board can only determine the specific locations of polling sites within those boundaries.) Assuming that the council would not hold public hearings on the BOE plan until the first quarter of 2014, it now seems unlikely that there will be adequate time to implement new boundaries and polling sites properly by the April 1 primary date.

Candidates in the news, Dec. 13

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Vince Gray for mayor, in the news

#BREAKING: Mayor Vincent Gray says he will run for re-election in 2014 http://trib.al/cTqrqvJ

Jack Evans for mayor in the news

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Tommy Wells on Twitter about living on the minimum wage

The Wells campaign confirmed today that candidate Wells' foray into minimum wage living is part of his campaign for mayor.

Media hits re: Charles Allen for DC Council (Ward 6)

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Mayoral candidate Vincent Orange

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Bowser, Evans, and Wells on The Rock Newman Show

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A little of this, a little of that re: mayoral candidates

Media hits re: Brianne Nadeau for DC Council (Ward 1)

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Media hits for Andy Shallal, candidate for mayor

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Dorothy Brizill's take on the 2014 elections (Part I)

In the November 13, 2013 edition of themail, Dorothy Brizill penned "District Elections in 2014":
Candidates. The list of candidates in the April 2014 primary continues to grow. Three additional Democrats have picked up nominating petitions: Pedro Rubio for at-large councilmember, Frank Garcia for US Representative, and Kathy Henderson for both Ward 5 councilmember and at-large councilmember. Two additional Statehood-Green candidates have announced: Eugene Puryear for mayor and G. Lee Aiden for both at-large councilmember and US [Shadow] Representative. One additional Republican has announced: James M. Caviness for mayor. To date, two incumbent officeholders, Mayor Vincent Gray and Ward One councilmember Jim Graham, have not formally declared their candidacies, even though Graham registered an exploratory committee with the DC Office of Campaign Finance on October 15. Because he is a former Republican turned Independent, At-large Councilmember David Catania does not have to participate in an April party primary, and can wait to decide whether he will seek reelection or to run for another office, whether mayor or Attorney General, in the November 2014 general election.

Inside the campaigns. Several of the mayoral campaigns have gone outside the District to hire campaign managers: Muriel Bowser has hired Bo Shuff; Jack Evans, Josh Brown; Andy Shallal, Bob Muehlenkamp; and Tommy Wells, Chebon Marshall. Following the 2012 presidential election, there appears to be an abundance of political consultants from around the country who are on the market and who have signed on to local campaigns. It remains to be seen in the coming months whether they will be able to organize a grassroots political campaign, understand DC’s neighborhoods and issues, and master the political landscape in the District. One of the most unusual candidate meet-and-greets will be hosted by Jack Evans this Saturday, November 16, targeting residents east of the river. The event, which has in recent days been removed from Evans’ campaign web site (http://www.jackevansfordc.com) will take place at Uniontown Cafe, and will be cohosted by Jahuar Abraham, who, along with Ron Moten, cofounded the Peaceoholics, and is being sued by the District government for, among other things, unlawfully diverting $100,000 in District grant funds in 2007-2009 so that Abraham could purchase two luxury utility vehicles. According to Evans’ campaign, Abraham is an Evans supporter and community field organizer for his campaign. Another instance of strange bedfellows is Andy Shallal’s naming of boxing promoter Rock Newman as the chairman of his campaign. Newman, who is not a District resident, has a controversial history in District politics, including in Marion Barry’s campaigns and Vincent Gray’s 2010 mayoral campaign.

Petition Circulation. Prior to the issuance of the nominating petitions on November 8, I wrote to all the major campaigns about their field operations and asked what internal controls they had in place to assure compliance with the District’s election laws, especially with regard to the circulation of petitions by non-DC residents. Each campaign responded that they had put in place measures to ensure compliance. On Sunday, I attended an in-depth training session that the Shallal campaign organized for its petition circulators. So I was somewhat surprised when I exited the Farragut Station Metro on Wednesday evening on my way to the candidates forum sponsored by the DC Bar to be approached by Spencer Collet, a petition circulator for mayoral candidate Reta Lewis, who asked me to sign her petition while at the same time proclaiming he was a resident of Virginia. When I queried him whether, as a non-DC resident, he had registered with the DC Board of Elections to circulate petitions, he claimed that he didn’t need to register with the BOE. Finally, as strange as it may seem, Jack Evans, who boasts about his long tenure on the city council, not only acknowledges but also appears to celebrate that his campaign is relying on paid nonresident college students to circulate his nominating petitions. See the photographs on Evans’ Twitter account (@evansformayor) and Facebook page. Because the DC BOE refuses to monitor the circulation of nominating petitions, District residents will have to be even more watchful of the activities of all campaigns this election season.

Candidates Forum. On Wednesday, November 13, the DC Affairs Section of the DC Bar held the first mayoral candidate forum at the K Street law offices of Arent Fox. The forum was largely polite and genteel, and there were no gaffs or fireworks from any of the six announced mayoral candidates (Bowser, Evans, Lewis, Orange, Shallal, and Wells). There were, however, a few interesting responses to the questions. Bowser, in an outright attempt to pander to Wards 7 and 8 voters, indicated that, if elected mayor, she would create an Office of Deputy Mayor for East of the River. She went on to suggest that the biggest challenge facing the District was “keeping up with our development.” Reta Lewis tried to label herself the outsider in the mayoral race, despite the fact that she has lived in DC for thirty-five years, worked in the Pat Harris and Sharon Pratt Kelly mayoral races in 1982 and 1990, served as a mayoral appointee at the DC Department of Public Works, and was appointed by Mayor Fenty as chair of the DC Commission on Women. Meanwhile, Vincent Orange could not explain why he had not filed his campaign committee with the DC Office of Campaign Finance even though his supporters picked up his nominating petitions on November 8). Tommy Wells argued that, because he will not accept corporate campaign contributions, he is the only “progressive” in the mayoral race.

Jim Graham's re-election announcement Storified

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Jim Graham is running.

Breaking news: Jim Graham will run for another term on the DC Council.   The current Ward 1 CM made the announcement on NewsChannel8's NewsTalk this morning.   And the news?   He's running.

Media hits about Muriel Bowser

In no particular order:

There are other hits but they involve multiple candidates.   Those will be shared at a later date.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jim Graham will announce his decision to run/not run Dec. 9

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Jim Graham - will he or won't he announce a run for DC Council? Find out Dec. 9

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Media hits for Tommy Wells, candidate for mayor

In no particular order:

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Mayoral candidate media hits, Dec. 8 (updated Dec. 29, 2013)