Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mayoral Candidates Talk Education With Wilson Beacon

The entire article, Mayoral Candidates Talk Education With Wilson Beacon which starts as below, is worth a read:
With the April 1st DC Council and mayoral primary just a few weeks away, let’s not rely only on the Washington Post for our news about our candidates.

Greater Greater Washington and its companion blog, Greater Greater Education, is posting video interviews with candidates for mayor and in the contested Council races. The topics they’re covering are housing, transportation and education.

And with education a hot topic in the race for mayor, there’s another perspective to take into consideration: That of the students. The Wilson High School Beacon conducted email interviews with some candidates, and scoured the campaign websites of others for hints of their positions. We’ve been given permission to republish the results from the January 31st issue of The Beacon. We'd also encourage you to subscribe. This student newspaper covers all of its operating costs with donations and advertising.

Mayoral Candidates Talk Education With The Beacon
by Emma Buzbee
Wilson Beacon staff writer

Say the word Washington, D.C. to anyone and a vision of America’s famous democratic buildings pops into mind. What often gets overlooked on the national scale is the government of D.C. itself. But to its residents, nothing could be more important than the upcoming mayoral election and its effect on education.

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