Monday, March 10, 2014

Voter rebels at Dem-only candidate forum

Following an exchange between various community members regarding the upcoming Ward 6 candidate forum sponsored by Capital Community News, civic activist Martin Moulton sent the following email.
Just spoke to Mr Andrew Lightman on the phone and he has agreed to allow Ward 6 Council Candidate Pranav Badhwar to submit an issue oriented letter to the Editor which he will publish in all of his publications in addition to a Capital Community News written candidate profile in which will feature Pranav. But Lightman confirmed that he will not allow Pranav to participate in the Shaw forum at Watha T Daniel Library and steal air time away from the Democratic candidates.

And if voters are not satisfied with the performance of the featured candidates, they might talk with Pranav, take a look at his campaign web site, consider WRITING IN HIS NAME on their Democratic (Republican or Green Party) ballots, and the benefits of a DC Libertarian advancing important conversations in a virtually one party town plagued by corrupt Democrats (more shocking revelations even today) who've exploited their advantage long enough to the detriment of local residents, struggling to find housing and parents with students in need of better school options, and the image of the Nation's Capital which needs greater respect in order to be granted statehood by Congress.

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