Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Update on Sept. 24 event "Candidates & Commentators Discuss DC Mayors Race"

From Citizens Association of Georgetown about the September 24 Candidates & Commentators Discuss DC Mayors Race:
David Catania has confirmed he will attend. Unfortunately, Carol Schwartz can't attend due to Rosh Hashanan, and we have not yet heard from Muriel Bowser. Our very savvy media panelists will be discussing their views of the race and candidates.

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  1. Advertisements for myself from SALM. See for additional interviews. Published so far:


    District 12

    Matt Abbruzzese
    John Green


    District 02

    Jonathan Padget
    Daniel Warwick

    District 08

    Robert Sinners


    District 06

    Charlie Bengel
    Danielle Pierce

    And more to come.... as soon as candidates respond to my friendly emails.