Tuesday, October 28, 2014

6B05 and Congressional Endorsements

From an email, the endorsements excerpted here:

[About the ANC6B05 candidates]: I've had an opportunity to work with all three candidates over the course of the past four years, and am unequivocally supporting Steve Hagedorn. Steve has the leadership, experience, pragmatic approach and thoughtfulness that will serve our neighborhood well. In his role as the 6B05 resident member on the Hill East Task Force, he was a thoughtful voice on issues ranging from Reservation 13 to the future use of RFK Stadium. I've worked with him on approaches to traffic calming on his block and have been impressed with his service to Congressional Cemetery. I believe Steve will keep important projects, like the Eastern Market Metro Plaza redesign, moving forward, while working hard to ensure that we manage the impacts of commercial growth on residents from all walks of life. He has my full confidence.

Moving from the hyper local level to the Federal level, I am strongly supporting my friend and our neighbor, Tim Krepp, in his bid to be our next Delegate to the House of Representatives. I've known Tim since he was a gangly Midshipmen in the GWU NROTC unit, and believe he has the right mix of wit, leadership and vision to truly challenge the status quo and redefine what has become an honorary position in the pantheon of our elected positions. You can read more about Tim's view's here.

web: www.pate6b.org twitter: @pateANC6B05

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