Monday, October 27, 2014

ANC Commissioner Debbie Steiner Endorses ANC 5E04 Candidate Adam Duffy

From an email:
Good day Eckington residents!

As we embark on yet another election, it is important for me to express my support for a candidate for ANC 5E04-Adam Duffy.

As many of you know me to be a straight shooter and very committed to my community and their needs; I am, and have also proven my committed to having that same mantra carry over Ward wide.

Many of you know my existence and extensive labor in the community while having worked to be inclusive to all constituents; my work speaks for itself.

Since this is not about me, it's about You making the choice of changing the dynamics of the culture plaguing ANC 5E with your vote. I humbly ask that you give your support to Adam Duffy.

Over the course of 5 months, John Salatti and I have seen Adam's true heart and intent on ending the dysfunctional leadership which currently plagues our ANC 5E.

When inquiring about the inequities of the Youth and Senior citizen population in his area, Adam is willing to go to great lengths to proving the quality of life for them. Further, he is willing to extend himself personally to the needs of the Eckington Community as a whole by working to resolve their concerns. New is good!

Eckington, it is time to do things differently and say enough is enough, the city is now in need for a cleansing in leadership in a big way across the city; can we count on you to help? Your vote matters.

So when going to the polls please vote for Adam Duffy for ANC 5E04!

Thanks for reading and you will be proud you did.

Debbie Steiner resident of Edgewood/Brookland

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